Öner Döşer

About Me

Öner DÖŞER, a leading Turkish astrologer, has many followers in the social and national media, including 22 million internet TV viewers. He started to study astrology with Hakan Kirkoglu, further studied with Robert Zoller and earned his AMA degree. He founded AstroArt School of Astrology in 2005 in Istanbul where he trained more than 700 students until now. He also teaches astrology in Girne American University since 2014. In 2010, he organized an original online-live-interactive training program for the first time in Turkey which Turkish and foreign astrologers also take place as teachers. He has 20 books published, 3 translated into English and articles in the Astrological Journal. Since 2012, he has organized the International Astrology Days in Istanbul with foreign astrologers, a sixth is planned March 2017.

E-Mail: oner.doser@astrolojiokulu.com 
Web: www.onerdoser.com


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