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Prediction exists in all areas of life as human always beware of taking a step towards the unknown. Definitely, prediction is a highly important field of astrology; it is the heart of astrology indeed. For making accurate predictions, a detailed and skilled study is needed just like any artist does about his work. So, ancient astrologers always claimed that astrology was a “divine art”. Making accurate predictions is only possible by combining the techniques and arts together. 

Predicting the future is an intuitive need for the human nature. This is one of the main reasons why the human were always interested in astrology. We always need to know how will the developments advance and where they will arrive at the end. We need to take necessary precautions and to make decisions as accurate as possible. 

Even we are aware or not, prediction exists in all areas of life. For example, when we want to make an investment, we need to predict how the stock market may change and what the trend may be. When we plan for a holiday, we need to know how the weather conditions will change. When we are taking an important exam for admission to the university, we need to predict which university will be the best decision for our future. 

We sometimes hear that some people in the society are appreciated for being foresighted. Those people, who have the ability to think beyond their time and who have the ability to foresee the future, are always successful ones in all areas of life. Astrology is a guiding light that shows us our path, what we may experience, when we could be successful or not and the best periods for any new endeavor. 

Undoubtedly, identifying such indicators beforehand provides an important advantage. We may avoid some negative events or we may at least be prepared to such consequences mentally and emotionally. This, in fact, shows us that we have control on some of the events and we do not have control on some of them. 

Guido Bonatti, the Italian astrologer who compiled the texts of Hellenistic astrology, states that the astrology is the unique science which helps us know and predict the things. According to Bonatti, the wise men thought that they would prevent some negative events through prediction or at least they would be spiritually prepared for such things by reading the astrological signals. Ptolemy also states that the ones who are familiar with the nature of the stars have the power to prevent some of their effects and get prepared before the manifestation takes place. By the help of predictions, the people get prepared for the coming events calmly and strongly.

Astrological prediction is one of the talents that raise the men to the wisdom level. Ptolemy says that the minds that can predict the future add value to the celestial activities; like the farmers who add value to the soil by cultivating it. 


Exert from his last book “Predictive Techniques of Astrology “


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