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Five out of eight planets we use in astrology is in retrograde; Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn. During this rare event, the planets in retro motion cause delays and setbacks in our efforts.

While Jupiter-Neptune opposition which symbolizes the situations that drag us in illusions and that make us indecisive and reluctant is still in effect, Mars and Saturn retrograde blocks us simultaneously. Under these conditions, we cannot pour out our souls and relax. 

All those planetary effects cause implosions and we experience some psychological disorders or just feel depressed. During consultations with my clients, I hear them complain about such problems and I give them some advices based on astrology. However, everyone does not have the chance to get astrological consultation. So, I would like to give some advices to everyone to overcome the difficulties of this period.

-      Do not escape from the realities! Do not get alcohol or similar addictive substances with the excuse of getting relaxed or escaping from the realities for a while! Do not exaggerate using drugs and antidepressants!

-      Avoid highly idealist and utopic ideas but focus on how to realize and put those ideas into practise. When you feel you are drown in dreams, step back and your feet on the ground!

-      During this period, we are open to absentmindedness, confusion and instability. Keep in mind that the worst decision is better that indecisiveness. Follow your heart and be decisive.

-      Do not avoid taking responsibilities however you should not take too much responsibility.

-      Do not withdraw yourself from the others, do not isolate yourself. However, stay away from the ones who make you feel depressive, anxious and guilty.

-      Devote more time to charities. Help others. However do not victimize yourself in the meantime.

-      Get advice from wise people! But keep in mind that fake gurus will increase during this period.

-      Do not lose your targets and purposes! Do not give up your desires! Keep in mind that those are the things that keep you alive!

-      Express your creativity. Get involved in fine arts. Listen to the music, dance, sing, paint pictures! Have some hobbies.

-      Stay in the bright side of the events and do not shift to the dark side!

-      If you cannot cope with the difficulties you face, do not hesitate to ask for help from your loved ones and from the professionals; this is very natural! Fear and worry are normal human feelings. You do not need to feel ashamed.

-      You may face with the things that you fear or worry about. Stay away from the movies, books or other publications which increase the negativity!

-      Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach!

-      Spend more time with the people who bring you joy and happiness! Getting involved in the things that you never did may be fun. However, do not exaggerate!

-      Take care of yourself! Others do not care you as much as you do for yourself both physically and emotionally.

-      Eat fresh food as much as you can! Healthy diet will be important during this period. We will need to be healthy both emotionally, spiritually and physically.

-      Do not neglect breathing exercises. Practice relaxation techniques like meditation however do not be detached from the daily life!

With love, light and hope!

Oner Doser, AMA, MAPAI

April 2016

AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA), Istanbul


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