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Democracy is the winner

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Democracy is the winner

Jupiter, the planet of justice, honesty, ethical and moral values, is now in Libra, the sign of balance, equality, law and justice!

In classical astrology, Jupiter is in its triplicity in Libra and consequently its power of sanction in this sign is above average. Libra effort for being fair and objective helps Jupiter to display its nature easily and enhance its related talents. As Jupiter is related with optimism, we expect positive developments within those fields. When we consider that Jupiter’s transit in Libra will oppose Uranus and make a square with Pluto, we may predict that there will be some problems in obtaining the desired justice, balance and equity, and the peace environment.

Jupiter transits in Libra emphasize issues related with law and justice system and egalitarian tendencies. Turkey gave women the right to vote and be elected in 1934 earlier than many European countries and the Surname Law was also adopted the same year. Jupiter was mostly in Libra and Uranus was also in Aries in that year. (The women gained the right to be elected for local administration on September 26, 1933 and for parliamentary on October 8, 1934. Jupiter was in Libra on both dates.) On April 8, 1934 Religious Courts were abolished, New Courts Organisation Law was accepted and the existing Marriage Law was reviewed all during Jupiter’s transit in Libra and Uranus transit in Aries.

National investigations, prosecutors, courts, judgement and judicators are all related with Jupiter. Similarly, Libra is related with lawsuits and also political issues. When Jupiter transits in Libra we expect democratic rights are emphasized, fair trials, practices in line with human rights, liberalization in political arena and positive developments on behalf of democracy. This is the expectation but does it work the same in practice? I would like to remind some events that cause us feel doubtful about that expectation and point out some events that were experienced in Turkey in 1981. I just want to explain the course of events without any making any comment. During 1980 Turkish coup d’état Mercury, Moon and Pluto were in Libra, and Jupiter was applying to Libra on 20 degrees Virgo. Following the coup, some party leaders were judged between October 28, 1980 and November 27, 1981 when Jupiter was in Libra. Some revolutionists were executed. In addition to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were also in Libra during this process.


When the trials began in the spring months of 1981, Jupiter travelled together with Saturn and they were both in retrograde. (The execution of Necmettin Erbakan, the leader of the National Salvation Party – April 24, 1981 -  and Alparslan Turkes, the leader of the National Movement Party – April 29, 1981 - were demanded including many other suspected.) On June 1981, when Jupiter turned direct in Libra and Saturn and Pluto were retrograding in Libra, discussing and criticising the prohibitions were banned. In June, when some people (Cevdet Karakas – June 5, 1981- , June 10, 1981 - Veysel Gursoy) were executed with the claim of being revolutionists, both Jupiter and Saturn were direct. When Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were direct a party leader released from the prison (Necmettin Erbakan, the party leader of National Salvation Party) and another party leader was accused and judged because of four of his speeches (Bulent Ecevit, the party leader of Republican People’s Party). On October 15, 1981 when Mercury was retrograde in Libra and many planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto and Mercury) were cumulated in Libra, all political parties were officially closed.  On October 1981, when Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto were in Libra, Tercüman (a daily newspaper) was closed indefinitely after Nazlı Ilıcak’s article in the newspaper criticising the closure of political parties.

On July 15 2016 we experienced another coup attempt. During the attempt, Jupiter was on 19 degrees Virgo. Some generals, high-ranking officers, soldiers and quite a few policemen were detained and arrested for contributing into the attempt. When Jupiter enters Libra, those people will be judged. In Turkey’s natal chart, Mars representing the military is in the 4th house and in Libra (7 degrees). When Jupiter will trigger this degree in October, we will witness important developments related with those trials. Then we will wait and see what kind of developments and changes will happen… During this period of time (as Turkey pulled the coup attempt in vain) while being tested for democracy and giving significant messages to the world, I deeply wish and hope; a fair judgement process including full respect to the human rights and Turkey will take peaceful steps forward to bring peace in the region with international affairs…

Neptune, the planet of democracy and democratic acts, is about to reach Turkey’s MC on 16 degrees Pisces; it is about to ascend its throne astrologically speaking. This transit indicates that starting with the highly crowded meeting that the people attended we are in a period when the President, Government, the leaders and the members of the opposition parties were united together for the first time in the history of the republic and we are about to ascent that unity.

Following the attempt on July 15, not only the politicians and the media but also the whole people in Turkey uttered the same slogan: Democracy is the winner! Yes, IT IS…

With love, light and hope!

Öner Döşer, AMA, MAPAI

AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA)

Istanbul, Turkey





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