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Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius in 2017

In classical astrology, Solar and Lunar Eclipses are often used while making annual predictions. Ancient astrogers regarded eclipses as negative events, implying that eclipses bring depressing events and endings. They represent stressful times and unexpected crises. Solar eclipses were considered as the harbingers of events related with nobles, governors, leaders of the countries and events that affect the countries in general while Lunar eclipses were considered as the harbingers of events that affect people.

On the other hand, modern astrology considers eclipses as opportunities that bring rapid changes and growth. According to the modern approach, eclipses give us the energy that is necessary for us to make the changes that we want to make in our lives. They help us get our lives in order. Endings bring new beginnings and speed up the coming of some stressful or positive results. They help the manifestation of imbalances in our lives and push us for balancing them again. Therefore, our creativity and ability to find solutions step in. In fact, we need to use these talents. In this sense, eclipses reveal our awareness and raise our consciousness.

During and after the eclipses, circumstances change and we are prompted to make changes. The direction of these changes may be predicted through our natal charts and also by reflecting the eclipse chart on the charts of corporations, cities, and countries. Eclipses show us in which fields of life these changes and transformation may take place and where we should concentrate our attention.

Eclipses in Fixed Signs

Eclipse axis is about to shift from the Mutable signs of Virgo/Pisces to the fixed signs of Leo/Aquarius. Eclipses in fixed signs are known to bring changes in fundamental social constituents. It is difficult to maintain continuity and stability.

In 2017, two eclipses will occur in Leo. One of these eclipses will be the Lunar Eclipse in 22° Leo on February 11th which will be visible in Europemuch of AsiaAfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaPacificAtlanticIndian OceanArctic and Antarctica.

The second, a Solar Eclipse in Leo will occur in 28°Leo on August 21st and will be visible in West in EuropeNorth/East AsiaNorth/West AfricaNorth Americamuch of South AmericaPacificAtlantic and Arctic. This total eclipse is crucial for USA and defined as the Great American Eclipse.

Sepharial states that eclipses in fixed signs are related with seismic quakes, changes in the earth’s crust and mines. Eclipses in fixed signs also affect the parliaments, national income and monetary issues and bring changes and transformations in these issues. These eclipses take effect slowly but for a long period of time. They may also bring diseases, epidemics, increase in death rates and the death of distinguished people.  

Under these circumstances, we will be experiencing some political, economic and ecological changes in current conditions within the next one and a half year.

The sign where the eclipse takes place inform us on how and in which fields these changes will come to the surface. The emotions, events, occupations and people represented by this sign will be highly affected within this period.

Eclipses in Leo represent the periods when friendliness and self-confidence, the need for showing oneself, desire for being appreciated and admired, and the impetus for being in the center and ruling others are the main issues. These are times when we want the best and value quality, distinction and success.

Leaders, managers, bosses, the people in authority, and the themes related with these people are ruled by this sign. Performing arts, acting, entertainment venues like theatres are also ruled by Leo.

When the eclipses occur in Leo, our desire for promotion to a managerial position, leadership and recognition is tested. While some challenging eclipses may bring disgrace or loss of one’s position it is also possible to gain accomplishment.

Another feature related with Leo is the ability to speculate. As a fire sign Leo displayes the courage of taking risks and making attempts. Managing the risk is also an art; this is Leo’s business.

Risk also brings us to Mars. If an eclipse is in contact with Mars, then the desire for taking risks increases. During Solar and Lunar Eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius axis in August, Mars will be in Leo and close to the degree of the eclipse. Consequently, 2017 seems to be a year in which people in leadership positions in their societies will manifest a more dominant and confident profile, will take risks, will take courageous actions and will want to display their strengths.

Eclipses in fire signs bring fiery events like fires and can reflect times when armies are marching. According to H.S.Green, eclipses in fire signs may represent sensational events, turbulences in religious, cultural and social matters and wars. He says: “Eclipses in Fiery Signs are said to excite men’s minds and produce sensational public events, disturbances, disputes, murders, sometimes danger of war and movement of armies; the death of the kings, nobles, or great men; excess of heat, scarcity of rain; expenditure of money, increase of taxation.”

According to Raphael, eclipses in fire signs indicate the death, imprisonment, deportation or slaughter of a king or another person in authority. Many disagreements and frictions between people are experienced. The armies may be mobilized, fires and diseases may increase, and crops and plants may get damaged.

Traditional astrologers also made interpretations based on each ten degrees of signs which are called decanates. William Lilly, the famous British astrologer who lived in the Renaissance period, gives detailed information on eclipces in different decanates.

Lunar eclipse which will occur in the 22nd degree of Leo on February 11th, will take place in the last decanate of that sign. According to Lilly, Lunar eclipses in the last decanate of Leo represent that the people and the army would be open to innovations and a new governance model.

Solar Eclipse which will occur in the 28th degree of Leo on August 21st will also take place in the last ten degrees of this sign. Lilly states “In the third decanate, it presages captivities, besieging of towns, plunderings, profanation of holy places, a scarcity of horses or a destructive murrain amongst them.”

When we observe the eclipse charts under the light of this information, we have many reasons to conclude that we are in a critical year in terms of international relations, leaders and armed forces.  Additionally, we are open to some managerial changes and reconstruction of governance models and some legal arrangements. Turkey is also passing such a turning point which I will mention in the coming paragraphs.

During the Lunar Eclipse on February 11th, Jupiter opposes Uranus, and Mars will be conjuncting this opposition by the end of February.  There is also a Grand Trine in fire signs between the Full Moon in Leo, Saturn and Uranus. In addition to those planets in fire signs, as Jupiter-Uranus opposition will be further activated by Mars, we may come across some unexpected and explosive events and an imbalance in international relations. This matches with the information given by traditional astrologers and invites social turbulences, chaos, disagreements, and a war atmosphere.

Mars is again dominant by the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, conjuncting the North Node and standing oriental; it will therefore be very influencial.  There will be again a Grand Trine in fire signs between the Eclipse, Saturn, and Uranus. During this period, we will probably encounter dominant attitudes and a show of force between leaders. Leaders who insist on one-man governance or bullheading will display such attitude more significantly. On the platform of international relations, we can expect a highly sensitive period. The Eclipse conjuncts the fixed star Regulus possibly describing a strong desire for victory, power struggles, and vindictive behavior.

When a Solar Eclipse is in conjunction with the North Node, there are unexpected opportunities for the leaders to attain power. At this point, it is crucial to avoid the misuse of power. In addition to the Eclipse-Regulus conjunction, the Mars-North Node conjunction may bring misuse or excessive use of force.

As this eclipse in Leo is close to Donald Trump’s Ascendant degree and his natal Mars, we may assume that Trump will be one of those leaders who pursue an aggressive policy and manifest a dominant profile. This eclipse also represents some severe decisions and attitudes which may irritate American people because Trump’s natal Mars on 26°Leo is opposing the Moon of the United States chart, representing the people (and also women).

The charts below depict these configurations:

Mars, Leo and the Turks

According to Persian astrologer Abu Mashar, Leo and Mars are related with Turks. This means that 2017 will also be an important and remarkable year for Turks as Mars will be in Leo during the two eclipses in August this year.

During summer months, when the Sun and Mars will be close to each other in Leo, the chart of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shows that this year will be highly important as his natal Pluto is activated by the eclipses.

Additionally, the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th happens to be Erdogan’s own Solar Return chart with many planets in his 10th house. This may describe that he will be more active in the new Presidency model.

Eclipses in Pisces is subject to bring dramatic events for Turkey. According to William Lilly, eclipses in double-bodied signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) threaten the kings, princes and governors. During the coup attempt last summer on July 15th, Mr.Erdogan was under the danger of assassination and fortunately survived as he left his hotel 15 minutes before the assassins. In addition to the activation of his natal chart,  this eclipse will also be close to the MC and South Node of Turkey’s chart.

See the chart below:

The August eclipses in Leo will be close to natal Neptune, the MC ruler of Turkey’s chart and square Jupiter in Scorpio, the second MC ruler. We may assume that the Presidency model will raise a question mark and confusion.

As the eclipses occur in the 2nd and 8th houses of Turkey’s chart and on Neptune’s degree, it indicates financially difficult year. August and September particularly may show important fluctuations in economic and stock markets.


Nodes represent cooperation. With the Mars-North Node conjunction in Leo a potential cooperation between the leaders who want to gain more power may occur.

On the other hand, Aquarius refers to pluralistic governance models where governance is more democratic than sole individual power. In 2017, a Lunar Eclipse will take place in 15° Aquarius on August 7. It will be visible in much of EuropeMuch of AsiaAustraliaAfricaEast in South AmericaPacificAtlanticIndian Ocean and Antarctica.

Aquarius represents mental and intellectual development, humanitarian and social themes, and service to the humanity. Aquarius rules inventions, developments in technology, space sciences, all technologies and tools that are used to advance society and foster progress.

Solar and Lunar eclipses in Aquarius emphasize the above issues and promote equality and democracy. We may witness outdated social models begin to change and undergo reforms.

Aquarius represents the necessity to harmonize the old and the new and to build a bridge between the past and the future. Eclipses in Aquarius foster intellectual developments, new ideas, inventions, discoveries, and new and different information. It may also uncover some ancient knowledge that we knew before but have lost track of.

Aquarius is related with personal freedom and human rights. During eclipses in Aquarius, people want to express their opinions freely; civil rights, human rights and animal rights are emphasized. Aquarius operates on both individual and societal scale. The personal ego is replaced with social ego, instigating social ideals and team work.

Eclipses in air signs are related with sudden changes in weather conditions, winds and devastating storms. These strong winds also blow in human minds and consequently bring changes and innovations in human relations, communication, and mental issues. They are also related with social events. Possible problems in governments may arise, problems may occur in foreign relations, agreements and alliances may be questioned.[1]

Eclipses in air signs invite us to make logical judgements and use common sense in making decisions. They are intellectually motivated. In a negative way, previous allies may part ways, people may change their minds and agreements be violated.

As a result, 2017 appears to be a highly active and turbulent year in political and social arena. The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius may signify that the people and those with a more pluralistic vision will take action against the leaders who desire to impose their power and authority. The Moon in USA’s chart being triggered by the eclipses both in Leo and Aquarius strongly suggests that.

To summarize, we may conclude that the eclipses in Leo on the North Node are auspicious for leaders who are aim at individual governance. Will the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius onthe South Node be enough of a force for those who possess a pluralistic approach and value diversity, equality, and liberty to make a difference? We will have to wait and see…

With love, light and hope!

Öner Döşer, AMA, MAPAI, ISAR Cap

OPA Turkey Satellite




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