Öner Döşer

2008’de Burcunuz ve Siz (Your Sign in 2008)

2008’de Burcunuz ve Siz (Your Sign in 2008)

What are your lucky days? When will your love life get a boost? What are the critical days for your relationship? When will your financial problems end? When should you ask for a bank loan or borrow money? What about your health; are there any risky periods? When will you have opportunities in your career? When should you materialise your important decisions?

Will you get the support you need for your projects? What are the proper dates for buying a house or moving to another place?
What kind of developments are waiting for you in your social life? If you want to have a baby, when will you be lucky enough? When will you need to increase the security measures against theft, fire or flood? Which month is ideal for having a pet?

Everything that is in store for you and for your sign in 2008 is in this book…


Book Title: 2008’de Burcunuz ve Siz
Author: Öner Döşer
Language: Turkish
Number of pages: 552
Published at: November 2007
ISBN: 9756388907



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