Öner Döşer

Büyük Uyanış (Great Awakening)

Büyük Uyanış (Great Awakening)

As 2012 approaches, the number of catastrophe theories increases. Some of these theories claim that we will be experiencing the most critical point of this painful time as of the summer months of 2010. So, what does 2012 – the year which brought nightmares to all humanity – really mean? With which astrological evidenced do Mayans and Hopis prophecies and the predictions of well-known oracles match with? Do the planetary alignments of this period point out ecological problems, social disturbances, economic and political turbulences, terror and even wars? Will the shift in magnetic field and the solar activities which will reach maximum around 2012 bring the humanity to the end?

In this book, Öner Döşer offers an insight into the 2012 phenomenon through astrological and scientific data. Stating “We may escape from everything but we cannot escape from ourselves; if we do not change ourselves, things in the outer world will not change”, he emphasizes that we could pass through 2012 if only we are spiritually ready for it. He claims that this Great Awakening will be the beginning of a process that we will experience a shift in consciousness and discover ourselves within the cosmos through a total unity.


Book Title: Büyük Uyanış
Author: Öner Döşer
Language: Turkish
Number of pages: 248
Published at: June 2010
ISBN: 6051116532




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