Öner Döşer

Karma Kader Özgür İrade ve Astroloji (Karma, Fate, Free Will and Astrology)

Karma Kader Özgür İrade ve Astroloji (Karma, Fate, Free Will and Astrology)

Five leading astrologer from Turkey and international arena wrote about one of the important issues of intellectual history; the dilemma of fate and free will...

Throughout the history of humanity philosophers, theologians and thinkers worked on finding the answers to those questions:

Do we, human, have free will and do we have the power to create our own reality?

Or are we just passive puppets shaped by fate? Or is there a common ground where those two opinions may compromise?

These questions about the existence have always been the top questions of our intellectual history. The relationship between fate and free will has always been discussed.

These questions are also in the center of astrology as it makes a connection between the sky and the earth, studies the relations between the celestial bodies and the earthly events.

Is astrology based on the absolute dominance of fate or does it perceive human as an entity that shapes life through its free will?
What does astrology tell us on the dilemma of fate and free will?

In this book the questions on fate and free will are answered through the perspective of astrology bu five leading astrologer; Dr.Benjamin N.Dykes and Dr.Glenn Perry from USA, Deborah Houlding from Britain, Öner Döşer and Dr.Barış Özkırış from Turkey.


Book Title: Kader, Karma, Özgür İrade ve Astroloji
Authors: Öner Döşer, Benjamin N. Dykes, Deborah Houlding, Glenn Perry, Barış Özkırış
Publisher: AstroArt School of Astrology Publications
Edited by: Mustafa Konur
Cover & pages designed by: Mustafa Konur
Language: Turkish
Translated by: Sibel Oltulu (chapters written by native authors)
Number of pages: 256
Published at: January2015
ISBN: 978-605-63578-7-9

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