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One-to-one and online consultancy services are available.

One-to-one Consultancy

If you are interested in one-to-one consultancy service, please visit us: Astro Art.Ltd.Şti. Bağdat Caddesi No:378  Room: 9 Suadiye Kadıköy Istanbul.

For appointment, please send an e-mail to: info@astrolojiokulu.com


One-to-one consultancy provides you answers for the below mentioned fields of life:

  • Individual potentials, things that help your happiness

  • Spiritual development

  • Health

  • Relationships and marriage

  • Children

  • Social status

  • Career and professional talents,

  • Economic status

Before getting a one-to-one consultancy, please provide us the below information:

  • Name, surname, date and exact time of birth, place of birth

  • A short note about yourself

  • The issues you want to be focused

If you are not sure about the exact time of birth, please provide additional information:

  • Dates of marriage or divorce (or the beginning/end dates of a long relationship)

  • Birth data of your children (if possible both date and exact time should be provided)

  • The dates of death for some close relatives (parents or siblings)

  • Dates of critical medical operations or accidents

  • Milestone dates in professional life (start, promotion or ending dates)

  • Or any other important date for you

The consultancy session will proceed as below:

  • A general analysis of the potentials of the natal chart

  • An overview of the potentials and possibilities for the coming year by using progressive techniques.

After the session you will have detailed information about your individual conditions, your relations with the others and an evaluation of your long termed course of events.

On-line consultancy

If you live out of Istanbul or if you do not have enough time for a one-to-one consultancy, you can order an online consultancy service. If you are interested in online consultancy, please write “online consultancy” to the subject field of your e-mail and send it to the address info@astrolojiokulu.com. 

During the session you will get information about your potentials, progressed chart and details about your year ahead. If you do not have a Skype, the session can be held on phone.

Synastry and Composite Charts

This analysis is the practice of comparing the horoscope of two individuals. You can order comparative analysis with your partner, spouse, parents and children and learn the weak and strong points of your relationship. By the help of composite chart, you can learn the general course of your relation and possible events to experience together.

For appointment, please provide personal data of your partner in addition to yours. (place, date and exact time of birth.) You will learn general tendencies of your partner first and then you will see how your expectations in the relation match, the aspects of your marriage, the phases that your relationship will experience and where your relationship is heading. The consultancy session lasts for 1 hour. 


Please send an e-mail to info@astrolojiokulu.com. We will also find the answers for your specific questions. Please send us the above mentioned personal data at least two days before the appointment. 

Consulting fee: 220.00 USD + VAT = 259.60 USD total


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